Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our organization is to be a family for all families by welcoming them warmly in harmony, inclusion, understanding and without judgement. It is a meeting place where making long-lasting friendships either as a parent or as a child, is possible. We aim to break isolation, in the sense of knowing that others have similar challenges. We understand that being a parent is not always easy. We are here to support you as the expert in your child’s life. We accept differences and give rise to hope because nothing is definitive in life, everything can change if we really want it.


Our approach

The approach that we use is EMPOWERMENT. Empowerment recognizes the capacity and the potential of families. It aims to give parents back their power and confidence in regards to their abilities. The approach supports parents by enriching their parenting experiences and abilities while validating their parent-child bond – all with the aim of enhancing their implication in family life.


La Maison de la famille de Brossard offers time and energy to Brossard families in order that they may become the families they desire.

More precisely:

  • Accompany parents by enriching their experiences in their respective roles
  • Supporting and enriching their parental competencies
  • Help to break isolation
  • Offer adaptive services to families in need
  • Promote social engagement of elders by developing bonds and intergenerational activities
  • Offer training in order to help develop a network of support.