Code of ethics

Every person who works or uses the services of La Maison de la famille de Brossard, regardless of their status or role, whether salaried, volunteer or stagiaire, or participant, must adhere to the following norms and principles:

Our values

  • Recognizes the potential of parents to develop and assume their responsibilities
  • Respects all persons in their uniqueness
  • Recognizes the right of children to grow and flourish in a healthy, stimulating, loving and safe environment.

Rights of parents

  • The right to receive adequate, quality services
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • The right to be informed and supported in their role and in their accomplishments and responsibilities as parents.
  • The right to confidentiality
  • The right to know the rules and procedures which regulate the services offered by La Maison de la famille de Brossard

Rights of children

  • The right to be a child
  • The right to live in an environment of affection, confidence, respect, fun and playfulness
  • The right to live in a safe, secure environment that favors their development while respecting their uniqueness and individuality
  • The right to be protected from all forms of negligence and all forms of abuse, whether verbal, physical, psychological, sexual or other
  • The right to confidentiality

Our responsibility towards all

  • Knowledge, respect et adherence to our mission, our objectives, our values and the rules of La Maison de la famille de Brossard
  • Quality of services, professionalism, competence et human worth.
  • Promotion of an approach that fosters empowering parents
  • Respect for the engagement and active participation of families
  • Protection of confidential information received unless the safety, security and/or development of the children is compromised
  • Background checks of all personnel and volunteers
  • Respect for their engagement and active participation.
  • Integrity and exemplary conduct while performing their duties:
    • The relationship with families is one of professionalism exclusively
    • No gifts or benefits can be accepted, and no conflict of interest will be tolerated
    • All forms of violence, whether physical or verbal is prohibited.

Our expectations with regards to families

  • Respect of self, respect of others and respect for the environment at La Maison de la famille de Brossard
  • Respect of confidentiality with respect to what happens and what is shared at La Maison de la famille de Brossard
  • Politeness in regards to interactions and attitudes – the absence of all forms of violence whether physical or verbal

For any questions, or to report an incident of disrespect or a violation of our code of ethics, please communicate with the Executive Director by phone. Call 450 678-5222, extension 3.